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Madam Speaker, I have found myself reflective on the promise of Canada, a country few want to leave and many want to call home.
I have walked past “shut down Canada” signs, and been sworn at in the street by people holding those signs.
It is my daughter Donna's birthday today. She is a compassionate law student who fiercely defends the rights of women. What is this Canada she is inheriting?
I think on sacrifices of our ancestors, including first nations. I think of their deprivations and their fierce belief that this was a home worth fighting and dying for. I also think of how, in modern times, our freedoms in Canada are precious and too easily lost, freedoms such as peaceful protest, the dignity and self-worth that comes from work well done, the ability to provide for one's family, and the hopeful joy of a new parent.
However, I confess that I am worried for my country right now. We are having trouble finding our balance and finding our rhythm.
Helping others is a tried and true way to put our own egos aside and do good works from the heart out. Let us all embrace that challenge.
Believe in Canada.
Result: 1 - 1 of 1

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