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Mr. Speaker, some of the things that I have heard from professionals in my riding are around language, for example, who will get to decide what a specialist is. There is some of that language, especially again for rural and remote communities. Who are they identifying? If somebody has had condition for a long time, obviously that individual has met with a specialist. What is that process?
Another issue is the 90 days and the concern about how long that is going to take, again coming back to people suffering in profound ways and wanting to make a decision. We have to look at some of those numbers.
Language is the biggest part. We need to make sure as always that legislation is as clear as possible, that we understand what we are legislating so that the language matches the practice.
Hopefully some of those things can be fixed. I believe they can. I hope that everyone in this place is aware of what we are here to do, and that is to obey the law. We are here today because of the court decision in Quebec, while also making sure that we are supporting people and their access, and that we are preventing suffering at all costs.
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