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Lib. (NS)
Madam Speaker, this is one of those things that is hugely complex and affects everyone differently. We all have different approaches and different beliefs in this room about how we should approach this issue. I do not know whether we can find common ground. I think we found common ground or at least met in the mushy middle in 2015, and we let people down.
I salute the medical practitioners in this country who are assisting Canadians with end of life, whether it be palliative care or MAID. It is important that we see everyone's side to this situation and respect everyone's thoughts and beliefs. I have constituents on both sides of this issue.
I had a very bad joke I used in 2015 when we were talking about this. There is no yes or no. I said there are 50 shades of grey. Only a couple of people chuckled at that joke, and no one got it clearly in this room either.
It is one of those very complex issues on which people do not fall on one side or the other. We could ask 100 people and have 100 different perspectives.
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