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Madam Speaker, I listened to the speech by the member for Lethbridge with great interest and I respect her very strong feelings on this issue. When she points out that the government is making changes that were not demanded by the courts, I would like to point out that there are many Canadians and Canadian families who are dealing with issues of intolerable suffering at the end of life who are asking for changes like Audrey's amendment, and they are asking for them right now.
As I mentioned earlier, because this debate is going on today, I have had someone I know quite well contact me to say they wish this bill would move quickly because it would assist them in making a choice in maintaining their control at the end of their life. They are facing intolerable suffering that cannot be alleviated.
While I agree with the member that we need more and better palliative care, we are dealing with the demand from individuals and families to make sure we avoid unnecessary suffering at the end of life.
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