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Madam Speaker, I want to ask specifically about one issue my colleague did not address in her speech, which is the issue of the 10-day waiting period.
The existing framework involves a 10-day reflection period. The value of that is that people who are maybe at a particularly low point do not make the decision and then go through with the decision in a short period of time. There should be a mechanism, a time period, to ensure that they really are intent on moving forward with it.
At the same time, the existing system already has a mechanism by which this reflection period could be waived. In extreme circumstances it could be waived, but generally speaking, the 10-day reflection period ensures that people are not pressured into it in a short space in time.
Would the member be willing to support the idea of maintaining that 10-day reflection period in order to protect vulnerable people who might be pushed through this decision too quickly?
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