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Mr. Speaker, there are many different provisions in this legislation. One of them that I thought was interesting is that in the case of someone whose death is not reasonably foreseeable, the government is saying that one of the two physicians involved in the consultations has to have some expertise in the ailment. It is interesting because this did not appear in any of the other cases. It seems to me reasonable to have this safeguard not just for the case where death is not reasonably foreseeable.
In all cases, at least one of the physicians consulting should actually have some particular expertise about the ailment. Physicians deal with a wide variety of things, so the person who knows particularly well the disease should be involved in the consultation. To me, that seems very reasonable, and I wonder what the member thinks of that. I hope the government might be willing to apply this safeguard not just in one of the two streams, but across the board.
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