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Lib. (ON)
Mr. Speaker, as the Minister of Health, part of my job is to improve access to health care across Canada. It certainly would not be in my mandate letter to improve this if we thought that everything was perfect.
We know that work is under way with the provinces and territories. I mentioned the $10-billion investment that happened a couple of years ago. Obviously, access to primary care and improving supports for addiction and treatment in communities are the kinds of things the Prime Minister has asked me to do in my mandate. We also know that Canadians want autonomy at the time of their death, so there is an important balance we have to strike.
We have to make sure that we continue to work on ensuring that Canadians have equal access to services all across the country. The legislation says that people need to be made aware of services available to them in their communities so that they are fully aware that the choice they are making truly reflects their own particular circumstances.
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