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Mr. Speaker, that is a fantastic question from my colleague and I do not know if I can provide an easy answer. This is the struggle we have before us.
The Carter decision clearly outlines that consent has to be as straightforward as the member discussed. However, at the same time, I am presented with examples of people like Audrey Parker and others who felt pressured to take their lives early because that was when they could give consent. That is the struggle we find ourselves in: How do we balance a court decision with what we know are real and very current examples of suffering? I will admit that I do not have an easy answer to that, but this is the task we have been charged with.
I can only say that we have to go forward. We have to send the bill to committee. We have to hear from members of the Canadian public and experts involved in this particular aspect of the Criminal Code. We have to use our best judgment to arrive at a decision that we believe reflects not only our values but also the values of the people who sent us here to deliberate on their behalf.
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