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2020-02-26 14:07 [p.1599]
Mr. Speaker, people in the Saguenay—Lac-Saint-Jean are gearing up for public consultations about the énergie Saguenay project.
“Je crois en ma région” is an organization created to send the message that the Saguenay is open for business and welcomes development.
Recently, over 37,000 people joined a Facebook group initiated by Yvon Laprise in support of the project called “Pour GNL Québec à Saguenay”. Richard Courchesne of the Saguenay's top radio station is encouraging listeners to express their support for the GNL Québec project and to join massive public demonstrations.
As we have heard repeatedly in recent weeks, we produce the world's greenest aluminum. We believe we can also produce the world's greenest LNG.
In Canada, we carry out projects properly, ethically and responsibly.
If this project gets the green light from environmental officials, we must seize the opportunity.
I encourage those in the region to keep expressing their support for major projects that will secure its future.
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