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Mr. Speaker, my colleague from Saanich—Gulf Islands' speech was something we really needed here. I want to pick up on her comments around stranded assets. She talked eloquently about the environmental risk we are facing in this crisis, but there is also an economic crisis facing Canada, coming at us like a freight train. That is those stranded assets.
Jeremy Rifkin, who was the keynote speaker at the Generation Energy meetings in Winnipeg a couple of years ago, one of the world's most respected energy economists, has come out recently with predictions that there will be widespread stranded assets in the fossil fuel industry not in 20 years, not in 10 years, but in eight years, in 2028, and that Canada would be one of the most severely affected countries in the world for these stranded assets, and why that really speaks to the desperate need we have for this just transition, for a green new deal.
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