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Lib. (NS)
Madam Speaker, I have to say that I have only praise for Teck Resources. I feel it has done its work and it has decided, after doing all its analysis, that it was not feasible at this time.
The message Teck sent is much stronger than that. The message it sent is to all Canadians. It is that we have to work together for climate change. It is taking it seriously, and it understands.
A little while back a member opposite said that Teck had decided that it was still feasible. That is not the truth. Let us look at paragraph two. It says:
Since the original application in 2011 we have, as others in the industry have done, continued to optimize the project to further confirm it is commercially viable.
As it is today, it is not feasible and that is why Teck walked away. Please, do not forget that the message is clear—
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