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Lib. (BC)
Madam Speaker, Alberta has done a number of things.
We are very much wanting to partner with the Government of Alberta. We are working on methane equivalency. We accepted the output-based system that Premier Kenney asked us to accept a couple of months ago. We are interested in moving forward in work on clean tech with the Alberta government, in which it has indicated strong interest.
Something that we have talked a lot about is the fact that many Canadian companies in the oil and gas sector have already committed to net zero by 2050. That includes Synovus, CNRL, MEG Energy and Shell Canada. A whole range of companies have actually done that.
Therefore, yes, we need to build on those kinds of actions to ensure we are driving climate action. We need to ensure we turn that into an opportunity with respect to economic development, because we are producing the most sustainable, most environmentally friendly resources in the world.
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