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Lib. (BC)
Madam Speaker, we know what the downsides are of not addressing climate change. The fundamental upside is that countries that actually take the lead in addressing climate change and developing solutions to address the climate challenge creates enormous economic opportunities going forward.
Already trillions of dollars of work is going on in the clean-tech space. There are 180,000 jobs in Canada that actually rely on clean tech. Estimates are that by 2030, it will be a $26 trillion market opportunity, but it is an opportunity that is available to companies and to countries that actually innovate and are leading, that get into the game soon.
Therefore, for Canada to ensure that it is successful as we move forward into a low-carbon future, we need to be part of that innovation, and that is something we are very focused on doing. We have spent over $3 billion in scaling up clean tech. We are focused very much on ensuring we are targeting the sectors where we need to make emissions reductions, but also ensuring we have products and services that we can export to the world.
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