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Lib. (BC)
Madam Speaker, I am not sure I fully understand why some of the comments need to be so personal in the House. I actually wrote that speech; it was not the Prime Minister's office.
I believe this debate was about the decision by Teck Resources to withdraw their project. As I have said a number of times in the House, that was the decision of the company. The CEO of Teck Resources pointed out very clearly a number of the issues with which we needed to deal. As he outlined in his letter, “global provider[s] of sustainable, climate-smart resources to support the world’s transition to a low carbon future” are critically important.
We need to move forward in a manner that will encourage the development of our energy industry in a way that is sustainable from a climate perspective. We need to engage that conversation. Simply sitting down and saying that we do not want to work on climate change is not going to solve the problem.
We are working to ensure that we are creating opportunities for the energy sector going forward in a manner that is consistent with our obligations to address the existential threat of climate change.
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