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Mr. Speaker, this is a really important question.
I have to say, as a member of Parliament who represents more rural and remote communities, one of the biggest challenges is making sure that, when we look at our legislation and look at our actions, we are actually thinking of the realities on the ground.
In my riding, which is basically half of Vancouver Island and a large part of the mainland as well, there are communities like Kingcome right now that are under evacuation because the water is not clean. It is an indigenous community. They have had to be emergency evacuated. The reality for them is to buy a couple of boats or take a helicopter to get out of that community. If someone there needs emergency dental care, the barriers are profound.
I think about some of the communities that are accessible only by boat. It can take a long ferry ride to get to the services people need. These are the challenges.
When I look at motions like this, it is about making sure that people in our country who have the least have the most access, and that it is easy and affordable for them. There are other challenges that they face in our country. Across the whole country there are a lot of rural and remote communities. We need to make it more accessible for them.
We need to look at every decision we make in this place from that lens, because it is often those communities that have built our economy.
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