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Mr. Speaker, I want to thank the member. I deeply appreciate the time that we have together on PROC, and have a deep respect for the work that she provides in that space. I have a great respect for her.
However, I just have to say that our perceptions will not align on this issue. I think the Hoskins report was very clear. The step forward around pharmacare was a single-payer universal system. Right now, we know that the next steps have not been implemented.
It goes back to the core issue of continuing to hear a lot of words that sound really good, but we need action. I say that as a person who represents people who have come to me. Seniors have come to me and have said they cannot afford their medication and are making choices every day between eating enough or taking their medication.
One woman in particular, who had a severe disability and was on a disability pension, not making a lot, worked hard and saved a little money to buy a van. She bought a van to live in, because she could not afford her medication.
These are real choices. We are here for Canadians. We are not here for rhetoric.
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