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2020-02-25 17:43 [p.1541]
Madam Speaker, I would like to thank the member for his question.
With regard to his question about Quebec, I do not know whether the province offers this service to its residents or not. That is a choice that Quebeckers need to make with their provincial government.
What I do know is that, in my province of Alberta, we have a provincial government that can decide when and how to provide a given service, such as dental care. The situation is different in my province.
When I was very young and lived in Quebec, dental care was offered to those aged 18 and under, and the government paid for it through the health care system.
Of course, things are done differently in my province. However, this is a decision that every province has to make.
If we look at the federal government's fiscal situation, it is clear that we simply do not have the money for another federal program imposed on our provinces.
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