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Madam Speaker, the member spoke about many issues that were different from the Coastal GasLink project. I agree with the member that there are many instances that need to be identified and discussed, instances of injustice against indigenous peoples, and of violation of fundamental human rights of indigenous peoples.
I made the very specific point in my remarks that one of the rights, which has in the past at times been denied to indigenous people, is the right to democratic self-determination. This means the choice to proceed or not proceed with certain development projects.
What we have before us right now is debate on a motion about a case in which the democratically elected representatives of an indigenous nation want to move forward with a project. In fact, all 20 affected nations want to move forward. Then there are radical activists, in a different province predominantly, who are opposed to that democratic decision by indigenous people.
This is one issue where I think we should be able to agree, that respecting indigenous rights means respecting the rights of those elected representatives. There are many other issues that we need to talk about. My speech was about this particular issue.
However, I agree with the member that more work needs to be done across a broad spectrum of issues on reconciliation. I look forward to working together on those issues.
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