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Lib. (NB)
Madam Speaker, I also appreciate working with the member opposite on the PROC committee. I always appreciate her interventions.
When it comes to providing the training that is needed, we certainly have to recognize that we have many vulnerable groups within our society. We recognize the groups the member has listed are also victims of sexual violence at a higher proportion than many others. Therefore, we have to ensure the training is appropriate.
I would also like to highlight, however, that when it comes to gender-based violence strategies, I am extremely proud that our government has consulted with many of those vulnerable groups mentioned by my colleague. We wanted to ensure that we had the strategy right, and to get it right we had to meet with people with lived experience, and living experience, and also people who worked with these clients as well.
As a result, we have come up with a wonderful strategy, the first of its kind in Canada. We are looking not only at the judicial system within the strategy, but also at all social services that affect survivors of sexual violence and other forms of gender-based violence.
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