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Lib. (NB)
Madam Speaker, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleague from Guelph for his tremendous work in his riding when it comes to mental health and support services. I thank him for all the work he continues to do.
When it comes to providing the appropriate sensitivity training, it is a must for all professions, and judges are not excluded from that. It is truly important. When I look at the work Ms. Ambrose did in putting the bill together, she has to be commended for a job very well done. This is probably an area that perhaps was not addressed in years gone by, but we certainly recognize that if we want to have an effective judicial system to meet the needs of all survivors of sexual violence or all types of victims, we have to ensure the appropriate training is in place.
Again, I commend all members of the House for wanting to support the bill and hopefully getting it to the other House in a timely fashion.
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