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2020-02-19 14:09 [p.1244]
Mr. Speaker, I rise to pay respect to one of Canada's leading public intellectuals.
He is Edmonton-born and Fairview-raised, with an academic career spanning McGill, Harvard and finally the University of Toronto. He is a clinician by profession and, with over two million copies sold of his self-help book, one of Canada's best-selling authors.
He is comfortable quoting Jung, Nietzsche and Solzhenitsyn, and his Bible lectures have struck a nerve with a secular generation detached from its roots. It is said a nation's treasure is its scholars. Jordan B. Peterson is one of Canada's treasures.
Rule 10 is to “be precise in your speech”, so let me be judicious. During his talks, he used his words carefully, imparting wisdom for an introspective life.
His battle with depression reminds us that being sick does not mean one is weak. He went to rehab to treat his addiction to antianxiety medication after his wife Tammy's terminal cancer diagnosis. He spoke frankly of his autoimmune illness and the life changes he had to make. His most recent health setbacks are a reminder of our mortality, regardless of fame or fortune.
I invite all members to join me in wishing Dr. Jordan B. Peterson a speedy recovery.
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