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2020-02-07 11:13 [p.1084]
Madam Speaker, I rise to pay tribute to Monique Leyrac, who died this past December at the age of 91.
This amazing woman from a nearby riding chose to spend her last years in Sutton, in the Eastern Townships, because that was where she wanted to live.
As her friend François Dompierre said so well, “She lived her life as she wanted. She was a feminist in her everyday life long before it was trendy.”
I also want to note that until recently, she was able to enjoy her retirement at home, admiring her garden, as we would wish for everyone.
She was one of Quebec's greatest actresses and singers of the last century, if not the greatest. She was known around the world and left her mark in illustrious concert halls. She sang the words of legendary Quebec songwriters like Vigneault, Léveillée, Ferland, Plamondon and many others.
An exhibit in her honour will be open at the Museum of Communications and History of Sutton from June 20 to October 12, 2020.
The Bloc Québécois and I want to offer our—
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