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Mr. Speaker, I rise to pay tribute to Daniel Gagné, who left us in the early morning hours of February 4.
Daniel Gagné was an adviser, mentor and supporter on my election campaign. He was a man of conviction and honour.
He led an extraordinary life, having tirelessly dedicated 50 years to social, cultural, artistic and political life in his home region of Abitibi.
He was also close to indigenous communities. They too have lost a friend.
Daniel was a painter, poet, singer, sculptor, writer, photographer and archivist, and he lived his life boldly and tenaciously. He used his art to add to the collective memory, capturing the visual memory of the landscapes of his native Abitibi, the aural and musical memory of feelings and the mood of the times, and the memory of a heritage, an identity, a country, the land and human solidarity. He will not be forgotten by anyone who knew him.
I offer my condolences to his wife, Nicole, and his family.
Rest in peace, my dear Daniel.
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