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2020-02-06 11:35 [p.1007]
Mr. Speaker, I am going to do my best to ask my Bloc Québecois colleague this question in French, although it is hard for me.
Like the Green Party, the Bloc Québecois is speaking out against Teck's oil sands project. However, I have many concerns about the agreement with China, in terms of investment protection. It contains the same thing as chapter 11 of NAFTA, which has been removed from the new NAFTA.
I am worried because we accepted the same type of agreement with China under the former Harper government and because Teck Resources has a lot of investments from China.
I am worried if we say no to Teck, we could have an investor challenge from China against Canada because of the close links between Teck Resources and the People's Republic of China.
My question is, do we have to work towards eliminating all investment agreements?
I would like to know my colleague's opinion.
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