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Lib. (NS)
Mr. Speaker, not long ago, we lost one of Prince Edward Island's great Canadians. Edgar Gallant's career with Canada's public service was a long and brilliant one.
Mr. Gallant also made notable contributions to the francophonie. He chaired the committees that established francophone school systems in Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Manitoba.
He was awarded many honours over the years, including the title of Officer of the Order of Canada, Officer of the Ordre de la Pléiade, the Vanier Medal of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada, the federal Excellence and Leadership in Official Languages award and the FCFA's prix Boréal.
His achievements also inspired the creation of the Edgar Gallant prize, awarded by the Fédération nationale des conseils scolaires francophones du Canada. I was the proud recipient of that prize in 2016.
I am grateful to Edgar Gallant.
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