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Lib. (ON)
Mr. Speaker, I rise to honour the life of Jack Moran, a constituent and a long-time resident of London, a community he passionately fought to make a better place throughout his life.
Democracy depends on dedicated volunteers, and Jack was exactly that. He was known locally as a political organizing legend, a deeply committed Liberal volunteer who fought for our party's shared values. Jack gave generously of his time, knowledge and resources to provincial and federal riding associations and election campaigns. All along, he encouraged people to fight for a better country and a better world.
Above all, Jack was a proud family man and someone who had strong faith in God. He was pre-deceased by this wife Beverley Anne, a proud father to his children Susan, Linda, Cathy, Nancy and Michael, and a loving grandfather to Tara, Courtney, Zach, Hope, and Patience.
Jack, rest in peace, my friend. Many thanks for always leading by example.
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