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Mr. Speaker, I rise today to bring the attention of the House to a remarkable Coptic Orthodox woman named Maggie Gobran, affectionately called “Mama Maggie” and often referred to as “the Mother Teresa of Egypt”.
Over the past year, I have had the privilege of becoming familiar with her work in the slums of Cairo and across Egypt.
Mama Maggie is the founder of Stephen's Children, one of the largest charities in the Middle East. Stephen's Children exists not only to serve the poor and disadvantaged but also to elevate them to a sense of their dignity as children of God.
The ministry serves Christians, Muslims and anyone else in need in Egypt, and contributes to cultivating a culture of pluralism and respect for minorities. Last week I was pleased to join four other members of our caucus in nominating Mama Maggie for the Nobel Peace Prize.
In learning about her work and engaging with those in her organization, I know that Mama Maggie has no intention of being honoured for her remarkable selflessness, dedication and radical love for each person she encounters, but recognition and awareness help to strengthen the important work she is doing.
I hope that all members will join me in supporting the Nobel nomination.
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