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Madam Speaker, I appreciate the member's good wishes on my elevation and it continues as we speak.
He spoke about there being no such reluctance. I have to say the reluctance to acknowledge the important role of Taiwan and support its participation is on the record. It is on the record in terms of the government's failure to answer the direct questions that were asked. Therefore, I will ask him again. Is he committed and is the government committed to not just speaking about these issues here in the House but to clearly raising these on the world stage with our various counterparts?
He spoke about collaboration with Taiwan. Coming from Alberta, I see many opportunities for collaboration, particularly in the area of energy. Hopefully, if we can finally get some pipelines built, we will be able to help Taiwan address energy security challenges while helping us expand our supply.
Again, the reluctance was there on Monday and Tuesday of last week, but because we have a strong, effective opposition, soon to be in government, we are actually able to make some progress here.
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