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2020-02-03 14:10 [p.821]
Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honour Sergeant John Forbes, a Second World War veteran who passed away last December.
John joined the army at age 16 and was sent to England in 1940. He landed in Normandy shortly after D-Day and was wounded by a land mine during the advance from Holland to Germany in 1945. Following five months in hospital, he was released and returned to civilian life.
John continued his service by becoming a reserve soldier and helping other veterans in need. He was a strong advocate in schools and the community, and at the age of 96, John was still helping others and promoting commemorations.
He has been recognized many times for his dedicated and long-term service, including with the French Legion of Honour. John will receive the Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation posthumously.
Let us never forget that the freedom we are enjoying today in Canada is because of the sacrifice made by people like John Forbes.
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