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Madam Speaker, I appreciate the response from the hon. member. It is clear that he is familiar with this corner of my riding, New Brunswick Southwest, Charlotte County.
I would point out that it is not up to the citizens living in Campobello to solve this problem. The hon. member suggested they have come up with innovative solutions in the past. That is because the people in Campobello have had no choice to do so. They feel, rightly, the government has let them down. I appreciate the member's opening of the door to providing help on, perhaps, a year-round ferry in Campobello from the Higgs government, should it come to the federal government seeking infrastructure dollars to build and operate such a ferry service.
However, as the member knows, ferry services are not built overnight and we need a solution to this matter right away. I will point out again, for the record, that these Canada Post mail trucks are bonded. They should not be inspected by U.S. customs agencies and doing so is an infringement on our rights as Canadians.
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