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Madam Speaker, in response to the hon. member, it is an important point to make that many of the policies we have seen from the government have put all sorts of barriers in front of the extractive sector in general, which obviously greatly impacts the petroleum manufacturing sector that is important in my riding as well as the use of energy in other contexts.
There are all kinds of innovations happening in our energy sector, and I think the member knows that. However, on this side of the House, our view is that we should have responsible policies that incentivize the development of new technology in the context of that sector, which is why in the last election we proposed a business tax rate reduced to 5% for those directly earning revenue from a green patent.
Development is already happening, but this green patent incentive would have encouraged further, more rapid development in terms of technological improvements. I think the path forward is to encourage development and innovation at the same time.
Policies like the carbon tax advanced by the Liberal government unfortunately will push investment out of the country to less environmentally friendly jurisdictions. They will not help us as a global community in our response to our environmental challenges. They will just hurt Canada's economy. However, we can incentivize the development of green technology while encouraging development. That would be the policy we would recommend on this side of the House.
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