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Mr. Speaker, yesterday the Hollywood Critics Association named Denis Villeneuve filmmaker of the decade. This is just the latest achievement in a career full of accolades.
Denis Villeneuve was chosen to represent Canada in the best foreign film category at the Oscars for his first feature film August 32nd on Earth.
He brought our darkest day to the screen in Polytechnique and directed a tragic story in Incendies. He made a name for himself with his first Hollywood feature film, Prisoners. He brought Hollywood to us to film the unsettling film Arrival in Montreal and Saint-Fabien. He showed courage in tackling Blade Runner 2049, a sequel to the classic film. I am being courageous in saying that it was better than the original.
Denis Villeneuve manages to immerse us in his universe and keep us there. I am a diehard fan, and I can say that he has left his mark on Quebec and international cinema.
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