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Mr. Speaker, we are all parliamentarians regardless of ideology or party affiliation. I am sure that everyone who goes into politics does it for the right reasons.
It is not an easy career path. It requires many things, including an unwavering commitment, which everyone here in the House fully understands. It also takes courage.
We can all have different views. The more different they are, the more courage they require to uphold when it would be easier to compromise. The desire to amicably debate differing opinions in our democracy brings about what is best for Canadians and Quebeckers. I trust that these different opinions have given people food for thought. I am sure that the member has done excellent work in that regard.
In a spirit of friendship, I recognize that, on the rare occasions that we have met, he has always been unfailingly cordial. I am deeply convinced, despite other opinions, that everything that was done was done in people's best interests. Everything was done with absolute sincerity.
I do not have much experience as a political party leader, but I have just enough to know that there are good moments and bad. I sincerely hope that, the day after this decision, which was most likely a difficult one, and every day that follows, will bring peace and the certainty that it was the right one. In the meantime, I would like to reiterate my friendship.
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