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2019-12-11 15:37 [p.278]
Mr. Speaker, there are two motions I would like to present at this time.
There have been discussions among the parties and if you seek it, I believe you will find unanimous consent to adopt the following motion:
a. for the duration of the 43rd Parliament, the Standing Orders be amended as follows:
1. Standing Order 104(1) be amended by replacing the words “10 members” with the words “12 members”.
2. By replacing Standing Order 104(2) with the following:
104(2) The standing committees, which shall consist of the number of members stipulated below, and for which the list of the members are to be prepared, except as provided in section (1) of this Standing Order, shall be on:
(a) Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics (11 members);
(b) Agriculture and Agri-Food (12 members);
(c) Canadian Heritage (12 members);
(d) Citizenship and Immigration (12 members);
(e) Environment and Sustainable Development (12 members);
(f) Finance (12 members);
(g) Fisheries and Oceans (12 members);
(h) Foreign Affairs and International Development (12 members);
(i) Government Operations and Estimates (11 members);
(j) Health (12 members);
(k) Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities (12 members);
(l) Indigenous and Northern Affairs (12 members);
(m) Industry, Science and Technology (12 members);
(n) International Trade (12 members);
(o) Justice and Human Rights (12 members);
(p) National Defence (12 members);
(q) Natural Resources (12 members);
(r) Official Languages (12 members);
(s) Procedures and House Affairs (12 members);
(t) Public Accounts (11 members);
(u) Public Safety and National Security (12 members);
(v) the Status of Women (11 members);
(w) Transport, Infrastructure and Communities (12 members); and
(x) Veterans Affairs (12 members).
3. Standing Orders 104(5), 104(6)(b), 114(2)(e) and 114(2)(f) be suspended; and
4. Standing Order 108(1)(c) be amended by adding after the word “subcommittees” the following: “composed of members from all recognized parties,”;
b. The Clerk of the House be authorized to make any required editorial and consequential alterations to the Standing Orders, including to the marginal notes.
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