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Mr. Speaker, I rise to acknowledge the bravery and tenacity of Iranians as they stand up against one of the world's most oppressive regimes, the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Their protests began on November 15 and continue today, despite the regime's violent response, which has resulted in over 1,000 deaths, 4,000 injured and another 12,000 detained. This heartless regime is even demanding payment from families for the bullets that killed their loved ones before releasing their bodies.
Yesterday was international Human Rights Day. The Liberal government must do more than a pitiful five-sentence press release to condemn the human rights violations happening right now in Iran. Canada has the tools in place to take real action by finally sanctioning the Iranian officials responsible for these atrocities under our Conservative Sergei Magnitsky Law.
Conservatives will always support the people of Iran in the pursuit of freedom, democracy and human rights.
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