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Mr. Speaker, I too want to congratulate my friend on his re-election.
I too would agree that striking a special committee would allow a new Parliament, a minority government, to demonstrate to Canadians our willingness to work together on issues that are critical for all Canadians, not just Canadians in parts of Canada. Human rights is one aspect that we absolutely have to address.
The concept behind this opposition day motion is that it is a timely response. It does not wait for four, five or six committees to try to address things at a time and on a schedule when it might fit in with other things. We could get at it immediately, and that is the key.
We need to get at this sort of work immediately, because the problems that we are experiencing, the challenges we are facing, are not new and they are not going to go away in a hurry. Addressing them, coming together collectively as Parliament, is what Canadians want us to do. This is a perfect opportunity for us to demonstrate to Canadians that we are serious about working for them in a collaborative fashion.
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