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Mr. Speaker, listening to the debate today, I think everyone agrees that the issue is an important one.
What I am hearing from the Liberals as their defence for not supporting this motion is that the foreign affairs committee could do it, but I would like to remind members of an example, a motion by the current Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations for a study into murdered and missing indigenous women. That was a parliamentary committee that went for a whole year because the matter was important. It could have been studied by the indigenous committee, but there was a motion by the Liberals in this House to study this issue. They had suggested witnesses and thought it was important, so this is not something new or unique. The Liberals' argument against this motion does not really hold water when it sounds like it is a study they would agree to.
I would ask my colleague to speculate on why the Liberals are objecting in this case, but so many other times have supported this type of committee in the House.
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