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Mr. Speaker, yes, I do. It is self-evident that it is.
The lines coming from members of the government suggesting that these are very sensitive topics so they need not be discussed in Parliament or by parliamentarians are profoundly disrespectful to this institution and to the people who sent us here to advocate for them.
Parliamentary committees have a vast range of options and tools at their disposal. They can hear testimony in camera. They can very reasonably assess the challenges and the sensitivities, whether in camera, travelling or selecting certain agenda items or not. The suggestion by members opposite is that it is not legitimate to have parliamentary scrutiny of the actions of government on the most important foreign affairs file.
Let us remember that in some countries around the world, such as the U.K., the government has the intention to engage in military operations and then decides not to after being directed to by Parliament. I think we should have a stronger Parliament, a Parliament which stands up to the government. We have a minority Parliament. Part of working and having strong institutions is our being able to direct the government as parliamentarians and acting responsibly as we do that.
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