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Mr. Speaker, I would like to pay tribute to a remarkable woman, Céline Lefebvre.
Ms. Lefebvre is a cofounder of Liberté de choisir, an addiction prevention organization. She built a professional team entirely dedicated to raising awareness among young people about addiction to alcohol, drugs, energy drinks and the Internet.
Ms. Lefebvre created innovative programs that have inspired countless organizations in Quebec that work in addictions services. She has had such an impact on the lives of hundreds of people that the Association québécoise des centres d'intervention en dépendance created an award in her name this year, and she is the very first recipient. This award acknowledges the work of community organizations that stand out for their dedication to addiction prevention.
Today I am proud to recognize the major contribution of this constituent of Salaberry—Suroît to Quebec society.
I extend my heartiest congratulations to Ms. Lefebvre.
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