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Madam Speaker, first and foremost, the reason that we need this special committee struck up now is that the standing committees are not going to be stood up for another two months. It will probably be in February when we will see standing committees actually struck and in operation in the House. We need to have the special committee now.
The threat assessment is real, and it is important that we do have the special committee, because it covers so many different areas: foreign affairs, human rights, trade, national security and national defence. We need to have a special group.
The member for Winnipeg North wants to talk about eliminating one section of the motion. Is it any surprise that we have the Bloc Québécois supporting the Liberals? It is really unfortunate that the people in Quebec wanted to vote for something different from Liberal, so they voted Bloc. Instead what they get is Liberal lite. It is completely disappointing to see them in here pandering to the Liberals and keeping the current Prime Minister in power.
What it comes down to is that this motion has some very strong definitions in it. It would empower members of Parliament to do the work that has to be done to make sure we address this issue head-on.
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