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Madam Chair, I am disappointed to hear a minister from Quebec's national capital region—since our national capital is in Quebec—which is not very far from the Davie shipyard, say that everything is fine at Davie and that his government is doing everything necessary to help the shipyard, when we know very well that the Davie shipyard has not been given its fair share.
We are talking about the shipyard with the largest capacity in North America. Still, the government will not even give it 2%, 3% or 4% of its contracts. That is unacceptable. The government is lagging behind when it comes to its shipyards and their needs. It cannot do the work needed to be done. Yet the shipyard builds ships at a lower price than other shipyards and delivers ahead of schedule.
We are waiting for news of the Obelix supply ship and the Diefenbaker icebreaker. When will that come?
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