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2019-12-09 14:11 [p.96]
Mr. Speaker, congratulations on your election.
As I rise in the House for the first time, I express my gratitude to the constituents of Yellowhead for placing their trust and confidence in me to be their representative in Ottawa.
To build unity across this country, we must support each other. I want to remind the Prime Minister that he said that we all needed to work together.
I recommend that we eliminate the use of foreign oil in Canada. The majority of countries we are importing from have low environmental standards and a record of violating human rights. Instead, we should rely solely on Canadian oil to fulfill our energy needs.
Also, we need to produce more direct consumer products from all our industries, particularly agricultural and forestry. If we want to build a strong economy, we need to start at home by supporting each other.
The time for words is long past. Now is the time for action.
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