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Mr. Speaker, it is truly an honour to be once again entrusted by the voters of the North Okanagan—Shuswap to be their voice in the 43rd Parliament.
Last week, the Leader of the Opposition stated:
None of the seats in this chamber belong to any of us, including the Prime Minister's seat. Instead, these seats all belong to the people who sent us here, and they sent us here to get to work. Canadians sent us here to make sure the country works for them.
We all share a duty to work for a Canada that works for all Canadians, and I pledge to assist every constituent equally, regardless of partisan orientation.
There are so many to thank for this honour, for it is their work and their support that made this possible: campaign teams, volunteers, staff, donors, friends, family and voters who stand with us as we strive to do our best to serve all Canadians. We take our seats for them. I am truly honoured to be here.
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