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Mr. Speaker, I listened to the speech by my hon. colleague, and it seems he subscribes to the former minister of the environment's rule that if we speak loudly enough, people will believe us.
Let me say this. My province of British Columbia is the largest producer of softwood. Over 140 communities are dependent on forestry. Just two weeks ago, in one fell swoop, we saw Mosaic Forest Management go out of business. That is 2,000 jobs. The next day Canfor, the largest producer of forestry products in our country, announced curtailments all across our province. This is on top of the thousands of jobs lost over the summer and the last year, yet there was not one mention in the Speech from the Throne—not this time, not the previous time. It seems like we are going back in time.
The Liberals talk about it being the Prime Minister's job to stand up for Canadian jobs. It seems the only jobs the Liberals are standing up for are their own or SNC's. Why?
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