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The Clerk will issue the ballots.
We are now prepared to begin to vote according to the provisions of Standing Order 4. Please allow me to outline the procedure for all hon. members.
The names of the candidates for the election are listed in alphabetical order on the ballot. To vote, you will rank the candidates in order of preference by recording the number “1” beside your first choice, the number “2” beside your second choice, and so on, until you have indicated all your choices. Please note that you do not have to rank all the candidates.
In order to vote, I will ask that members leave their desks, exit through the curtains and come to the table using the doors on the left and right sides of the chair on their respective sides of the House. A clerk will issue to each member a ballot paper.
After casting their ballots, members are asked to leave the voting area.
The polling booths are now open to vote.
(Members were issued ballots and marked their ballots in secret at voting stations)
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