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I am very pleased to preside over the election for a fourth time in Parliament. It is becoming a habit, and I admit that I quite like this magnificent chair. I will speak mainly in French, which will give you an opportunity to appreciate the extraordinary interpreters that we have here in the House of Commons.
Before the official ceremony begins, allow me to acknowledge my family, who are certainly watching, as well as the constituents of Bécancour—Nicolet—Saurel, who put their trust in me for the 11th consecutive time in 35 years.
I learned after the fact that being elected 11 consecutive times ties the record set by Sir Wilfrid Laurier in 1904. This has not happened for 115 years.
I also want to acknowledge my staff, who have done extraordinary work with me for many years, as well as all constituents.
I congratulate and welcome all the new members.
New members will discover that it all goes by so fast. When I was first elected, there were no cellphones, no computers, no fax machines. It was heaven.
Let us begin.
The list of members who have withdrawn or who are ineligible as candidates is available at the table.
The list of candidates has also been placed on each member's desk and is also available at the table.
Before proceeding, I would invite those members whose names are on the ballot and who do not wish to be considered for election to kindly rise and inform the Chair accordingly.
The five members will therefore remain on the ballot.
Pursuant to Standing Order 3.1, the House must proceed to the speeches of candidates for Speaker.
Notwithstanding any Standing Order or any usual procedure or practice adopted by this House, and to help the new members identify the candidates for the office of Speaker, I will recognize in alphabetical order each candidate by name and by electoral district.
When the last candidate to address the House completes his or her speech, I will leave the chair for 30 minutes, after which members will proceed to the election of the Speaker.
Now I invite Joël Godin, the hon. member for the electoral district of Portneuf—Jacques-Cartier, to address the House for not more than five minutes.
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