Interventions in the House of Commons
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Lib. (ON)
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2019-06-19 23:52 [p.29503]
Mr. Speaker, I just want to be clear that we would never put the safety of anyone working in corrections at risk. That is why we are investing $448 million, in addition to this bill, that was in the fall economic statement.
When we talk to corrections officers, when we talk to parole officers, they have said that the only way this can work is with an additional investment, and that is what we have done. This will allow for more staff, for the infrastructure that is needed to implement these SIUs. It will allow for hiring additional mental health care professionals.
The government is putting money behind the legislation to ensure that it will be successful, to ensure that people who work in corrections always have the support they need, unlike the previous government that cut corrections because it was the easy thing to do. Conservatives cut prison farms, they cut programming, and they actually put the public at risk because they were not allowing individuals in prison to get the programming they needed to be rehabilitated and released into the community.
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