Interventions in the House of Commons
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2019-06-03 20:34 [p.28462]
Mr. Speaker, I hope we always remain on good terms with each other as we end this debate, hopefully very soon.
I talked a little bit about love in a previous comment that I made. Love is extremely important.
My mother was extremely poor and my father was a residential school survivor and an alcoholic. He was not one of the most stellar individuals.
I was homeless as a child as well. We called it camping, but we used to live on the streets in a little pop-up tent from Canadian Tire. My mother would keep her feet against the tent door as we were sleeping at night. I think about that and about when most kids are taken. My mother never stopped loving my brother and me. That is perhaps the most important thing.
We just had Mother's Day, and Father's Day is coming up. I think about my mother and the role she played, being both a mother and a father. Even though she is not here with us, she is in the spirit world and she is in my heart because she always showed me love. That is the most important thing we have, because if we do not have love, it is very hard to be a successful human being.
I hope that this legislation will go a long way toward allowing our children—all Canadian children, whether they are indigenous or non-indigenous—to feel that love from someone, no matter who they are.
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