Interventions in the House of Commons
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2019-05-31 12:45 [p.28360]
Mr. Speaker, after listening to much of the content the member has put on the record, a few thoughts have come across my mind.
The Conservative government, for example, spent close to $1 billion, that is, hundreds of millions of dollars, on advertising. I argued back then that it was absolutely irresponsible.
The member opposite will identify an area. He will mention $1 million here or $1 million there. I could easily pick and choose. I could mention the $1 million plane ride for a chauffeured car to go to another country that the previous government spent because Stephen Harper did not want to use a vehicle belonging to that country. He wanted his own car flown overseas.
There are numerous examples that one could give of Conservative spending. They misspent hundreds of millions of dollars.
My question is very specific. The Conservative Party has voted against tax cuts for Canada's middle class. Could the member opposite explain how he and his party can justify voting against tax breaks for Canada's middle class? That is exactly what they did.
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