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2019-12-05 [p.12]
A message was received from Her Excellency the Governor General desiring the immediate attendance of the Commons in the Senate.
Accordingly, the Speaker, with the Commons proceeded to the Senate.
The Commons returned to the Chamber.
Whereupon, the Speaker reported that when the Commons had been in the Senate, he had, on their behalf, claimed their undoubted rights and privileges, especially that they may have freedom of speech in their debates, access to Her Excellency's person at all seasonable times, and that their proceedings may receive from Her Excellency the most favourable construction and that Her Excellency the Governor General had been pleased to declare that She freely confides in the duty and attachment of the House of Commons to Her Majesty's Person and Government and, not doubting that their proceedings will be conducted with wisdom, temper and prudence, grants and upon all occasions will recognize and allow their constitutional privileges, and to assure the Commons that they shall have ready access to Her upon all occasions, and that their proceedings as well as their words and actions, will constantly receive from Her the most favourable construction.
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